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We must look out for all babies
pastor corner

I just heard on the news the other day that a woman in South Carolina has been arrested for the murder of her newborn baby. Twenty nine years ago she delivered this child and then placed the child in a box, which she abandoned in the middle of a field.

The police department spent all of these years trying to determine who this mother was so they could charge her. They finally did so through the help of DNA.

Society looks at someone like this as heartless and unloving – some would even describe her as a monster. I agree wholeheartedly that she was responsible for ending the life of this child and should be punished.

After all, God himself said that each one within the human race is “fearfully and wonderfully made.” She destroyed one of God’s creation that will never get a chance to fulfill the plan and purpose that God had for them.

One of the things I don’t understand is how society can judge this woman while at the same time support women who decide to eliminate babies inside their womb – babies that have a heartbeat, have fingers and toes and are kicking inside their stomachs.

States are now approving killing babies that are actually old enough to be born. The reasoning is that having this baby may cause some emotional damage to the mother in some cases.

Back to the mother in South Carolina – maybe having this baby come into her world would be more than she could take. Maybe this baby would interfere with her education or career opportunities.

With the reasons given for allowing abortions, these same reasons could be given for those who actually deliver babies but don’t want them. (Now, I don’t support killing them either way.) God speaks out for babies in his word, the Bible. He loves them so much that he sent his Son to die on the cross as a sacrifice for their sins, so they could fulfill his will on earth and live eternally with him in heaven.

We also ought to speak out for those who are defenseless and cannot speak out for themselves.

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