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There is a lot of nay and yea talk about whether the nation should explore the oceans for energy resources. It is believed that a robust supply of oil and natural gas can be found off the coasts of Atlantic Seaboard states.
Those who support offshore drilling do so for several reasons. They note the fact that the Middle East continues to be unstable, as it has for centuries, and that warring factions and overnight changes in leadership are driving up the cost of oil. That, in turn, is causing the per gallon price of gasoline at the pumps to climb higher and higher.
This, of course, is creating problems for an economy that is still healing. Recovery will remain stuck in slow gear as long as the nation must take one step backward for every two forward steps it takes.
They also point out that there is no assurance that oil will continue to flow from Africa. It could be interrupted at any time, and it has.
Those opposed to drilling offshore point out that, environmentally speaking, it is a dangerous proposition. There are other, safer sources of energy, they argue. All the nation has to do is find them and tap them. There’s more at stake than the health of the economy, they insist. There’s also the health of the planet to consider.
Both sides wield credible arguments, but so far, neither is helping the situation. The two sides can yell and shout at each other all day long, but unless shouting can be converted into energy, nothing is ever gained, save a confused, and often times tuned-out, public.
Here’s a thought: Why don’t the two sides put their heads together and come up with a workable solution? It must be something that every American can afford and without government subsidy.
If it turns out that the nation must depend on oil and whatever reserves it can muster from the sea, then so be it. It’s an option that must embrace the safest technology, as the government requires of nuclear power industry, with the least impact on the environment.
If there’s one thing this nation has proved time and again, it’s that nothing is impossible when sensible people exchange theories and ideas in a civil manner.


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