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Two men help rec baseball succeed
Letter to the editor

Editor, I would like to take this opportunity to recognize two people who, in the last eight years, have made our recreational baseball a great success.

Lou Gambil has been into baseball since he moved to Richmond Hill. He is involved in every aspect, coaching spring baseball, fall baseball and Sandlot Sundays (instruction and games every Sunday in February).

You couldn’t meet a nicer and more baseball knowledgeable person than Lou. Lou has lots of memorabilia in his shop at My Grandfather’s Place.

Dan Coffins runs the baseball program for the South Bryan County Recreation Department. Another very nice guy. Dan does all the scheduling of games, practices and rainouts. He does it with a cool demeanor and never gets upset. (I’d pull my hair out.) He will go out of his way to see that everyone is satisfied and happy.

The above is the reason that we have a great recreational program here in Richmond Hill.

Bobby VanBrackle

Richmond Hill

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