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The Lord’s Prayer, part 4
pastor corner

We have been looking at the pattern of prayer that the Lord gave to His disciples in Matthew 6, and how I personally use this as a pattern for my daily prayer.

In the past we have looked at the first three parts of the prayer and today we will be looking at the part that says, “Give us today our daily bread.”

This is asking the Lord to give us what we need for today. We can’t do anything about yesterday, and tomorrow will be a brand-new day for us to ask the Lord to give us our daily bread for that new day.

I first ask the Lord to give me personally what I need for that day and then I ask the Lord to give what my family needs for that day.

If I know something that is presently going on in my life or with any of my family than I mention it. I then pray for every family that is connected with our church by name and again if I know of a present issue that any of them are dealing with, I bring that up. Some examples of the things I pray about are for those who need to become Christians or have family members who need to do so, or for those who have physical issues they are going through, or for those struggling financially or looking for a new job.

Sometimes I have knowledge that some are having relational issues and I bring that to my heavenly Father.

God has convinced me that I need to spend even more time in prayer so, if you have a specific need, don’t hesitate to contact me at 912-308-7635, or steve.lane@

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