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Thank you for the honor of serving
Letter to the Editor
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The time has come to say thank you. As the former city manager for the city of Richmond Hill for the past 15 years, it is time to thank some of people that I never got an opportunity to thank because of my sudden departure.

First, I would like to recognize all the employees, staff, consultants and contract employees of the city who do an outstanding job each and every day of the year working very hard, yet never complaining.

Second, I would like to thank all the citizens of Richmond Hill. Many of you have supported me over the years and many continue to do so. It is very rewarding to work in a community where people appreciate what you do, and Richmond Hill is a community with many good people.

Mostly, I would like to thank former mayor Richard R. Davis who epitomizes the definition of a mayor. Richmond Hill has never had a finer mayor and probably never will again. Davis gave me the opportunity to prove myself as a city manager and as a leader. I only wish there were some way to truly express my appreciation for everything Davis did for me and for the city.

Richmond Hill is the community it is today because of the foresight and vision of former mayor Richard R. Davis. Hopefully, someday the residents of Richmond Hill will recognize what a great job he did for the city and honor him appropriately. He gave over 31 years of his life to this great town.
I must also thank all my family, friends and former council members who have been so supportive. Without them it would not have been possible to have been able to do everything that I have been able to do.

It is unfortunate that I was unable to personally thank everyone who I had an opportunity to work with over the past 15 years. But I just want everyone to know it was not my choice. Had I been given the opportunity, I would have preferred to have said thank you in person to each and every one of you that I have had the pleasure to be associated with.

In retrospect I would not change any of my experiences over the past 15 years. It was truly an honor to serve as your city manager, and no matter where I go I will always call Richmond Hill home.

— Michael J. Melton, Richmond Hill

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