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Term limits, Dr. Johnson
Letter to editor
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Editor: How strongly do you feel about term limits in Washington being a large part of the solution to the graft and corruption that exists there?
The strongest opponents of term limits in Washington are the lobbyists. That ought to tell you something.
The potpourri of pork barrel spending and the run-a-way budgets of the industrial-military complex are two examples activity filled with graft and corruption supported by the concept of professional politicians.
The Supreme Court has determined that an amendment to the Constitution is the only way states can require term limits for their representatives at federal level.
 There is a national movement to cause both states and the Federal Government to provide for term limits. There are now about 22 states that do so on a state level. Unfortunately Georgia is not one of them.
 Dr. Bob Johnson is a candidate for the House of Representatives engaged in a run-off against Buddy Carter. He signed the pledge to author or support a bill to change the Constitution requiring both the House and the senate to have term limits. Three terms for the house and two for the Senate is the current concept. He didn’t do it as a political gesture. Dr. Johnson truly believes that term limits are a must in our effort to get our nation back on the right track and fight the run-a-way corruption and power brokering in Washington.
 Buddy Carter refused to sign the pledge. Buddy Carter is a millionaire many times over. It’s hard to believe that he amassed that kind of wealth with his little privately owned drug store. He has been a professional politician for the last twenty plus years. Maybe that has something to do with it?
Buddy Carter has been writing a regular newspaper column filed with a lot of useless blather about what they had for lunch in Atlanta or who got a good citizen award — whatever. What did not seem to be there was his position on anything pertaining to the many controversies  that directly involved the coast and quality of life of his own constituency in the First Congressional district. What it did do was keep his name in front of his constituency to help his pending run for the US House.
 Dr. Johnson wore an Army uniform for 26 years. He was an Airborne Ranger. He is currently a medical missionary giving freely of his skills as a surgeon to those who need them. He is a strong supporter of the Clean Air/Clean Water Act. He supports the efforts of the River Keepers.
Dr. Johnson, without prompting, spoke with me about the importance of our salt marshes and other ecological wonders in our state like the Okefenokee Swamp.
Dr. Johnson needs your support in the run-off election between he and Buddy Carter to be  held on Tuesday the 22nd. Even if you did not vote in the primary you can still vote in the run-off. You can also change your vote if you did vote in the primary.
— Roy Hubbard
Richmond Hill

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