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Take care of little problems early
pastor corner

No matter what situation life presents you with, the Bible gives us instruction on how to deal with it. One of the issues people have is that we don’t always take care of little problems, and because of the delay they become bigger problems. Jesus gives us an example of this in Matthew 5:25 where He says, “Come to terms quickly with your enemy before it is too late..”. In other words, deal with adversity now before it can get worse.

The other day I was reminded of this when I looked down and saw an ice cube that was dropped accidentally on the floor. I was in a hurry and had planned to pick it up on the way back through the kitchen a few seconds later but forgot. Later on in the day I looked down and saw the puddle the ice cube had made. Instead of just having to pick it up, I rather had to get a towel to clean up the mess. Because of my delay, it could have been worse; someone could have stepped in it and splattered water across the floor or could have slipped and fell because of it.

Relationships have been severed or greatly damaged because someone said something or did something that was not dealt with quickly and had time to fester. Some have had automobiles or houses repossessed because they delayed talking to their lender and by the time they got around to it, the notice had already been sent out. Some have had little repairs that needed to be done to their houses but because they waited, a lot of money had to be spent on repairs. Some have first signs of addiction but because they didn’t get help early, then their lives spiral out of control.

The most important issue that needs to be dealt with is the sin problem. If someone will allow Jesus to forgive them and send His Spirit into their lives early in life, then they can avoid a lot of problems. Many have not only delayed but have said no, meaning that there will be a time in death where there will be no hope. The good news is that you are still breathing; there is hope.

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