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t is good to give thanks to the Lord, part 2
pastor corner

If one reads and studies the Psalms, they will develop a deeper appreciation of God’s care and love for mankind. The Psalmist shows reverence, and awe, in his attitude of thanksgiving to God.

His inspired words written in his style show an understanding of the one whom he loved and served.

In Psalm 92:1 he wrote, “It is a good thing to give thanks unto the LORD, and to sing praises unto thy name, O most High:”. The psalmist was showing that it should be a right and pleasant experience to praise God. It should be something that one desires to do at every opportunity.

Worship is a time when the creation can give back to the Creator.

The time of worship should be longed for as one realizes the opportunity to come into the throne room of all-mighty God. Worship should be an uplifting experience, one that allows the worshiper to express awe and thanksgiving to God for all God has done for them. For this to happen one needs to have the proper mindset. When a person takes worship for granted, they fail in seeing a true blessing God has given. The things of the world fill one’s mind with all kinds of things, good and bad. A person needs a time to put the cares and burdens of the world aside for a time. Worship gives one a time to forget about those things and to lift their spirit in praise to God.

Singing praises to the Most- High God, offering up petitions and thanksgiving for all blessings. Giving back a part of what God has blessed one with, an opportunity to sacrifice to God. The worship service gives the Christian the opportunity to partake of the Lord’s Supper recalling the great sacrifice Jesus made for each person. What an opportunity! This is a time to truly thank God for all He has done. It is a time to get recharged to face the world while giving of one’s heart to God in worship and praise.

God deserves praise and thanksgiving. His love for man was shown in sending Jesus to earth.

God could have just destroyed man when man sinned, but His love and mercy provided a way for man to be justified again. For one of the God Head to leave heaven and come to live on the earth, knowing why they were coming seems almost unimaginable, but Jesus was willing to sacrifice Himself for man. Jesus suffered mental anguish in being deserted by those whom He had chosen to stand by His side. To have had one of His closest followers deny Him three times. God allowed Jesus to suffer as He did with each swipe of the whip when He was scourged, tearing the flesh, all for man. The crown of thorns ripping into his head, making a mockery of the King of Kings. There was the humiliation of having the clothes being removed from His body, feeling the pain as each nail penetrated His skin, down through His hands and feet then hanging on the cross for all to see, having His garments gambled for by the soldiers. The trinity planned and carried out the plan to save mankind, making it fitting to praise and worship God.

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