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The story of Jairus, part 2
pastor corner

By Dr. Lawrence Butler,. The Bridge Church, Pembroke.

The story of Jairus can be found in all three of the Synoptic Gospels. This refers to Matthew, Mark and Luke. The story is quite similar in each and presents us with the picture of a father desperate to save his dying daughter. It is my intention in each of these articles to present a perspective that may be overlooked unless we take time to reflect and seek the Lord’s assistance in understanding just what happened.

As Jairus breathlessly and gasping came running to Christ for help, he found our Lord surrounded by a mass of humanity. It is said that there was a crowd, but also that they thronged Him. Simply put, Jairus had to fight his way through the people just to speak to Christ and be heard. Being thronged means that Jesus was being “jostled” and bumped. It was difficult to walk and not stumble, and there had to be a lot of noise. Beyond that, Jairus fell at the feet of Jesus and begged for help (Mark 5:22).

This question arises for you, my friend. How desperate are you for help from our Lord? When your level of fear, sadness, emptiness and depression drive you to seek help, where do you turn? Do you consider running to Christ and falling before Him? Or, do you rather turn to alcohol and drugs? Do what Jairus did, regardless of the crowd. Run to Christ, fall at His feet, and allow Him to change your life.

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