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States should drug test welfare recipients
Letter to editor
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Editor, Through your paper, I would like to reiterate the necessity of providing substance-abuse tests to all the welfare recipients in every state of our county.
It is a big concern for me, especially since our nation is going through a very difficult economic time. For some reason, though, states do not want to enforce the testing or make it mandatory without conditions because they are more worried about added expenses and the privacy rights of welfare beneficiaries.
As a citizen and contributor to their benefits, I believe it is my right to know that my tax money is being used properly to help people who actually need it. I do not want my tax money being used to fund habits and buy substances that lead to self-destruction. Drug screenings would benefit abusers as well, giving them the opportunity to seek treatment.
If our government simply waits for signs of suspicious activity or only enforces the testing in certain people, we will not notice a change, and our economy will continue to hurt. There are many “wolves in sheep’s clothing,” and by making exceptions, they are letting people fool the system.
Hopefully, states will take the necessary measures and, little by little, we can make America a better country with more opportunities. Then, all citizens can start living the American dream again.

— Susana L. Shiner, Hinesville

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