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Praying about everything
pastor corner

Several years ago I talked with a person that said they actually prayed about everything. She said she prayed asking God to direct her in every decision she had to make. At the time I thought she was a little fanatical. She prayed about anything from whether or not to drink her cup of coffee in the morning to whether or not she should go to the grocery store a particular day.

This may seem extreme but I think most Christians live to the other extreme and that is we don’t pray enough nor ask God’s direction and will in most situations. The Bible actually instructs us in Philippians 4:6 that we should pray in every situation. I like how simply the Living Bible puts it when it states, “pray about everything”.

Think about how many bad situations we get into because we don’t consult our heavenly Father about them before we act. We need to understand that we serve a God who cares deeply for us and loves us so much that He wants the best for us. He wants to get involved in our lives and one main reason is that our actions reflect on Him.

So, starting right now begin to practice this lifestyle of praying about everything and then look at the results. You may be surprised.

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