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Please be careful with your pets
Letter to the editor
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I was behind a truck the other day that had a beautiful white English bulldog riding on top of the toolbox. I so wanted to get out and beg the driver to put the dog in the front with him. It just scares me to death, and I will be so happy when it is illegal in our state.

This was posted by the Humane Society and is so true: “Whether your dog enjoys the ride or not, they are in great danger riding in an open truck bed. If you hit a bump, swerve to avoid an obstacle or brake suddenly, the dog could easily fly out of the truck. If the fall doesn’t injure or kill the dog, it is likely another car will. In an attempt to avoid hitting the fallen dog, another driver may cause ensuing accidents. Carrying dogs in pickups poses a threat to both the animal and other motorists.

“Simply tying the dog to the truck bed is not enough. Ropes and leashes become nooses if the dog should be jolted out of the truck. And the wind whipping through the dog’s ears is full of dirt, debris and gravel that can lodge in the eyes, nose or ears and cause serious damage.

“Take your dog along for the ride. But let them ride secured in the front with you or in a kennel in the truck bed. Your dog will enjoy the trip a lot more if he/she doesn’t have to fight for their life against gravity, momentum and traffic to get there.”

Your dog loves you as much, if not more, than any human being ever will. They have no one to protect them but you, their owners. Please provide their safety as well as the other necessities and comforts required by being a responsible, loving pet owner.

I will probably go to jail if I’m the one who witnesses your dog being thrown out of the back of our truck. My heart won’t be able to take it, and my head will lose it.

Tanya McCarty, Liberty County

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