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Many days to make one happy
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I happen to love the song “Happy” from the movie soundtrack, “Despicable Me 2.”
It was written, produced and performed by iconic pop star Pharrell Williams. Now, I realize this song has been overplayed almost to the point of no return, but every time I hear it I get, well, happy.
A research study from the University of Missouri confirmed that listening to upbeat music can lift your mood. However, the study also concluded that your mood only changes for the better if you consciously choose to listen to a song for the purpose of feeling happy.  Hmmm.
Maybe that’s why my favorite line from the song is, “Clap along if you know what happiness is to you.” Happiness can be different for many people. What makes me happy might not make the person sitting next to me feel the same way.
Plus, I’m the type of person that gets happy over a box of pretzels, so I’m probably not the best gauge for the “Happy-O-Mometer.”
Nowadays, you can celebrate just about anything that makes you happy. And now we have a national-day calendar for every day of the year. Surely, there has been something celebrated this past week that “flips your pancake.” By the way, “National Pancake Day” was March 4.
Just last Saturday was “National Coffee Ice Cream Day.” It also was  “National Read A Book Day.” Holy cow! Mom loves both coffee ice cream and reading books. I’ll bet she had one of the best Saturdays of her entire life.
“National Teddy Bear Day” was last Tuesday. Who doesn’t love teddy bears? That’s got to make a bunch of people happy.
Last Wednesday was one of my favorite days of the year — “National TV Dinner Day.” Are you kidding me? I love TV dinners. I can remember as a kid coming home and finding out we were having TV dinners. It was like we just won the lottery.
Thursday was “National Make Your Bed Day.” Gosh, I usually miss that one. But I planned to celebrate “National Patriot Day” in honor of our men and women of the military and to remember all the lives lost during 9/11. That’s something we should celebrate every day.
Friday was “Stand Up To Cancer” day and “National Chocolate Milkshake Day.” Mom and I planned to drink a chocolate shake in honor of my sister, Missy, who died three years ago from brain cancer. We’ll continue to “stand up” for her and the many others who have been affected by this disease.
This past week was National Assisted Living Week. The idea of NALW is to celebrate our older Americans and the contributions they have made to our country, as well as highlight the fact that people should always live life to the fullest — no matter what age they may be. This year’s celebration revolves around the “Magic of Music.” Music always has been a big part of American culture. We celebrated this past week by listening to and singing some of our favorite songs, particularly patriotic songs on Thursday.
So you’re probably wondering what day it is today. You’re in luck: today is “National Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day.” Oh boy! Looks like we’ll be having TV dinners for supper.
Now that makes me happy.

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