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The support was overwhelming
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Dear Editor,


The support was overwhelming on March 29, 2008 at the Mill Hill House that Bryan County Fire Department was preparing to sponsor a live burn training exercise. The detailed planning for months and eager anticipation was about to be tested. I just wanted to take this opportunity to share how appreciated I am to all of those that made this event happen. It never seems to amaze me that any group of dedicated people can accomplish any task when they are determined to do so.

I would like to thank all of the members of the Bryan County Fire Department for their tireless commitment to provide a rewarding and safe training exercise. These members have been actively preparing the needed documents, participating in strenuous non-fire exercises, preparing materials, and taking the bulk of the overall planning process. These members, whose jobs, schools, and families take precedence, worked so hard in every bit of time that they could borrow from other activities in their lives. The Junior Firefighters deserve a great bit of gratitude for their handling of the transportation and support functions that helped bring together the logistical side of the operation. The determination that all of you have displayed will carry this department in future years. The Auxiliary Support Unit that provided food, shelter, and water to everyone at the event. Without hesitation, all of you get the job done. Your support allows us to concentrate on the operational side of if refighting operations.

My gratitude is also extended to the County Commissioners, County Administrator, Bryan County Emergency Medical Services, and the Bryan County Sheriff’s Department. Once again, you have given your support to assure that Bryan County citizens have the most capable emergency services available. You realize the importance of training and your blessings helped facilitate this operation.


My hats off to all of the agencies that provided manpower, apparatus, and equipment. Richmond Hill Fire, Thunderbolt Fire, Effingham Fire, and McIntosh Fire Departments willingly gave their time and support into participating in this training event. We completed the exercise in a safe manner without incident.


Lastly, I would like to commend Charlie Watson and Johnny Murphy. Your ability to think outside of the box has been a great learning experience appreciated by all of our emergency responders. The house that you donated could have been demolished and hauled away to landfills. Now it has been ridded with little or no waste and our community gets the advantage of providing a great training exercise that improves the operations of all of our responding entities. We definitely could use many more developers like yourself - whom share a true concern in improving our community!




Mike Ward

Firefighter - Bryan County






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