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The question for our time
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Dear Editor:


The question for our time is the same question that our Founding Fathers asked themselves when forming our Constitution: Can a free people govern themselves well?

And can they sustain that governmental system without a Christian moral foundation?

I believe as they did, that it can not be sustained without a moral compass. I believe a self-governing people must have a moral structure coming from the words of God (The Bible). Society functions well when all have a moral code to follow, hence the laws of God written by himself in the Ten Commandments. When we stray from Christian principles we are like a plane without a pilot, destined for destruction. I am sure that theonly reason our society functions well now is because of Christian moral fragments still

in practice by many Americans. I think there are some that are tearing away purposefully at these fragments. They want our Christian Society to fail. I believe the time is here when we must start to stand up for these principals and the politically correct silence must end. Why is standing up for our Christian faith and moral principals a reason to be called a "bigot"?

It is sad the times we are living in. We have always been charged with the obligation to spread the gospel in word and deed and now it will mean our survival as a free nation. Everything we do that is good is derived from a Christian faith having a foundation in sacrificial love. All of the Founding Fathers including Benjamin Franklin had a profound Christian faith. It surfaces in their writings and speeches. Why have politicians of today become so polluted? Where is Sacred Honor? Have the morals of theBible escaped them? Were they never taught? I believe that the governance of a free society is an honor. It is the only Free Democratic Republic in the world:" A government of the people, for the people and by the people." An Experiment, if we are smart enough to keep it. Sacred Honor, it means that much!! Will we sell it? We have always stabilized the world because as a moral people we were stable. An immoral people cannot hope to stabilize anything. It is an abomination and we deserve what we choose.


Jennifer C. Jeffers

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