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Response to an earlier letter
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I would like to respond to the letter from Dr. and Mrs. Reagin. Having known the Barfield Family for many years I know how this tragedy has affected their entire family and their extended family, for the past two years. You see, my daughter has been married to Jackie’s uncle for eleven years, and I see every day what this has done to all of them including my daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren. We are all a very close family and we all feel the pain. Not a day goes by that we all have wished that we could turn back time and change things. But because we all have faith in the Lord and in each other, we pick up the pieces and try to move ahead. We cannot change what has happened but we can pray to get through whatever comes our way.

I’m not sure where the Reagins received their information but I know for a fact, that both Jackie and his brother have worked since they were 16 years old, in 30 degree and 105 degree weather, six days a week, working heavy equipment and have not grown up with "their parents taking care of everything for them."

My son-in-law and his brothers have worked very hard from nothing to make their company what is it today and their children have been brought up to be respectful of others and others' property. You will not meet a more polite and caring young man as Jackie Barfield.

Because Jackie is part of a strong family, he and his family will get through whatever they face in the future. They will have the support of their true friends and extended family and Jackie will face whatever consequences that faces him like the man that his mother and father have raised. He knows that his family is with him all the way and will be by his side.

In the Reagins' letter they talked about the Barfield’s playing the media to get sympathy, which is completely untrue. Jack Barfield’s statement was made because he was asked a question by the media and he was being very sincere with his statement, unlike all the propaganda that the Reagins and their family have been spreading through the internet to make Jackie and his family look like terrible, law breaking felons that have spent their lives breaking the law. I bet if we all looked back on our driving, including the Reagins, we would find that somewhere along the way, we all have been guilty of driving above the speed limit, even if it is only a couple of miles per hour.

I read one blog that said the Reagins' daughter-in-law had only driven a couple of miles per hour over the limit in her life, well, that is breaking the law.

Unfortunately, Jackie’s decision ended very tragically, for all of our families.

I doubt very seriously that if Jackie had gone to the Reagins and apologized, it would have made any difference. They just don’t seem like the type family that could accept the apology.

I can’t say that I know how the Reagins feel, because I have never lost a child or grandchild, but I do still send my condolences to them and their family and I hope and pray that they will get the grief counseling that they need to continue with their life without vengeance and hatred, because neither is a healthy thing.


Linda Cantrell








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