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Rec volunteers need support, not criticism
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With the amount of criticism being thrown around the ball fields lately, I feel the need to clear a few things up, especially for those who may not understand the Recreation Department and the sports the department offers.

- The people who coordinate your particular sport are volunteers. (Thank you Louis Benoit, Mickey Collins, Tim Auger, and Tom Ravita, Didi Pettway and Tanya Edwards)

- The people who get the equipment ready for each individual team are volunteers.

- The people who sit at tables and spend endless hours helping you register your child(ren) are volunteers.

- The people who clean, organize, shop for the concession stand and organize teen workers are volunteers. (Thank you Shelly Sauls)

- The people who recently spent about 60 hours screening numbers and sponsors on nearly 800 T-shirts, separating, boxing and organizing your team uniforms are volunteers. (Thank you Debbie Hunter)

- The people who clean up after you after soccer, football, basketball and baseball games are volunteers.

- These volunteers are the Rec. Board members. There are 15 in total as of right now, with about eight organizing baseball, softball and t-ball (68 teams and 790 players), one organizing soccer (with the help of Stacey Bergsmith) and one organizing adult basketball.

These Rec. Board members have recently spent countless hours neglecting their own families while trying to give your children their opportunity to play sports.

These people, WHO DO NOT GET PAID, do not need nor do they deserve the criticism and nasty attitudes they have had to endure from some individuals. What they need is your help and support. When something goes wrong, like the uniforms not all coming in from the supplier, don’t be quick to pass judgment but instead ask why and ask if you can help. When something goes right, say thank you.

My son recently asked me, "Why do you have to be on the Board? Why can’t somebody else do it? You drag us around all the time and all we want to do is go home and play."

My answer, "For you. If there wasn’t a recreation board and if nobody volunteered, there wouldn’t be the sports you love to play."

Think about it. If anyone is interested, there are three openings on the board. We meet every 2nd Wednesday of the month at 6:30 pm at The Bottom.

Please join us. Your community depends on you.


Cathleen Korzik

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