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Project doesn't do residents any favors
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Dear Editor:


The mayor broke a stalemate between yays and nays concerning the building of "Smith's City" off Daniel Siding Road.

This will require bulldozing forest, killing off wildlife, and causing excessive traffic problems for all living on south Hwy. 17.

Widening Daniel Siding doesn’t relieve the traffic generated by 2,200 new homes being built. There will be at least two cars for each household and maybe more, adding 4,400 more cars daily to the present traffic only causes problems for all South 17 residents.

These new homes will create more services required, new schools and more strip malls or even another WalMart, restaurants, Home Depots, etc.

The city residents now have a tax increase, because this project belongs to Richmond Hill and NOT the counties.

Richmond Hill was once a beautiful little town, that’s why I moved here instead of Savannah. Now it's a smaller version of Savannah, now along comes the higher crime rate, higher than what's already here,

The folks who benefit from "GROWTH" are wealthy business people and corporations, not the middle-class residents.

Most residents will see more traffic, while watching the wildlife and forest disappear.

Do these elected officials think they are "helping" to make changes for the better? Better for whom? Richmond Hill is going to look just like another city, and our elected county officials haven’t helped out either.

I will remember on election day, and so should all of South Hwy. 17 residents.


Bill Helms

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