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Mayor, chief wrong on HB89
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Dear Editor:


I read your recent article in the May 14 issue regarding House Bill 89 which would give more gun carry rights to people with gun permits and it almost made me ill. It is hard for me to understand how both Mayor Davis and Chief Billy Reynolds want Sonny Perdue to veto this bill. Please understand that I think both Mayor Davis and Chief Reynolds do a good job for Richmond Hill, it’s just that I don’t understand their reasoning regarding House Bill 89. I have been advised there are approximately 300,000 individuals in Georgia that have carry permits. These individuals go through a background check prior to the permit being issued. Most of the people I know that have carry permits are outstanding citizens in their community, pay taxes, attend church, are mostly conservative, have never been arrested and have never pulled a gun on anyone.

When I take my family to a restaurant on River Street in Savannah and leave that establishment at 10 p.m. I have major concerns about getting them all back to my car parked on Bay Street safely. When we make that walk I do not want any of my family robbed, beat up or shot. And if you think that is not happening I would suggest you pull your head out of the sand. I am no different than Chief Reynolds in the fact it is my responsibility to serve and protect my family as his is to serve and protect the general population. Why is it you want me to break the law in order to protect my children? It is not me you have to be concerned about. Remember, I am a law abiding citizen as are 99.99 percent of the remaining 299,999 permit holders!


John T. Wall

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