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ID tag your dogs
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Dear Editor, When my children were young, we taught them a house rule that stated, “We do not make unnecessary work for others.” I wish the dog owners of Bryan County would take this rule to heart and ID TAG YOUR DOGS!
Because of who I am, the owner of Dogs ‘N’ All Pet Sitting, and what I do, I volunteer with Bryan Animal Caregivers, a lot of people know I have a heart for dogs, and call me when they don’t know what to do with a stray dog.
This Saturday it was Kroger calling. They had a stray dog coming into the store. They did their part, they called Animal Control to pick up the dog (not open on weekends), they had a bagboy walk the dog through nearby neighborhoods trying to find the owner (no luck), they shooed the dog off (she kept coming back). The manager was distressed because dogs are not allowed in the store and the workers were distressed because there was no shade in which to tie the dog.
This dog was not my problem or responsibility, but compassion for animals is my gift and caring for them within my means is my duty, so when they called, I stopped what I was doing and went and picked up the dog. I’ll feed her and water her and clean up her poop until Monday AM. Then I’ll drive her to the vet and have her checked for a microchip and see if they can trace her old rabies tag.
I’ll also listen to her bark because she wants to be inside the house, and I’ll manage my dogs so they don’t have contact with her in case of communicable disease or parasites.
I hope I can find her owner. If not, she will go to Animal Control. I hate to send any dog to the shelter simply because I would hate for one of mine to end up there. But I can only help within my means and I cannot be responsible for every dog.
Two days of grief and aggravation on my part, my family’s and neighbor’s parts and the dog’s part could have been avoided with a $7 ID tag from PetSmart. Kroger would have called her home in the first five minutes and this good dog would have been reunited with her family. It’s a good idea to put 2 phone numbers and your last name on the tag.
So, to dog owners everywhere, avoid making unnecessary work for others, ID TAG YOUR DOG.

Nancy Celani Baker
Owner, Dogs ‘N’ All Pet Sitting, Inc.

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