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Fat and lazy Americans
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Dear Editor:


On Monday, a Savannah newspaper’s front page had three pictures and a story about a huge hamburger.

It has three 1 pound patties (with the works) and comes with a pound of fries. The deal is that if it could all be eaten in a certain time, it’s free. This horrible American obsession of eating as big a plate as possible was splattered all over the front page, where all ages could see. If stuff like that is glamorized and promoted, no wonder Americans are so over-weight. Taxing cigarettes makes sense, why not tax nutrition-less white flour (bread/pasta), bleached rice and white sugar (soda, etc). (I dare not propose taxing greasy beef...)

The taxes’ benefits would be so helpful in paying health costs caused by this sickness, of Americans of all age groups [or would they quit eating (smoking) that stuff because it was too expensive…?].

Also on Monday, I was riding in my van west on Ford Avenue, by the traffic islands before the tracks closest to town. I saw a man who, I thought, was mowing the island because he was on a mower.

But I noticed, as he drove westward also, that the fresh tire tracks behind him were in a swerving line.

As we approached him, I saw that he was picking up trash with one of those extended hand-controlled clamps. I can well understand using the clamp-thing, but doing so while on a gas burning riding lawn mower, right there for all to see? Come on (Not to mention green house gases and a waste of tax-payers’ money...).

Get/wake up Americans; you’re lucky you (still) can.


Nicholas Korths

C 4-5 quadriplegic

Richmond Hill


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