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Disappointed by poor judgment
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Dear editor: Let me begin by saying how disappointed I am in the editorial staff of the Bryan County News in allowing such libelous and slanderous accusations to be printed under the guise of a “letter to the editor” in the weekend edition of the paper.
CW2 Todd (Retired) took advantage of your lack of understanding of what it means to print opinions, and he purposely allowed your paper to print accusations of criminal activity without the benefit of corroboration or proof. These are good, decent men who are well respected in their churches, their respective businesses and certainly loved by their families. That letter and your lack of editorial oversight is a new low for this paper and for politics in this county, and it makes me sick to think that good people who have done countless hours of community service are held in such low esteem by your editorial staff.
As for Mr. Todd, although he may be a retired “Officer,” he is certainly no gentleman. It is certainly within every citizen of this county to have an opinion as to which is their choice to hold elected office, I myself make no secret about my support of my good friend and fellow Republican Butch Broome.
It is not within a person’s right to use this paper to suggest that someone is “dirt” or has engaged in criminal activity just because he feels a desire to endorse one candidate over another. I personally was disgusted and ashamed that a former member of our military would hold so little regard for himself or the candidate he chose to endorse by striking such a cowardly blow.
No wonder people do not want to run for public office when they have to allow themselves to be subjected to such dirty dealings, and to think that the Bryan County News provided the forum for such an attack is shameful.

Brian A. Skibicki
Richmond Hill

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