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A vote for Stone for Congress
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Dear Editor:


John Stone is running for Congress in the 12th District in Georgia in the July 15 primary. The voters have a great opportunity to elect this man of vision whose concerns are in keeping with the voters of his district, their pocketbooks. Stone has been involved in politics for years, working behind the scenes, but frustrated about the direction our elected officials were taking the country, he decided he should run.

Stone wants to immediately put a moratorium on gas taxes and at the same time start drilling in ANWAR and off the coast of Florida. The sooner we produce our own fuel, the sooner we break our dependency on foreign oil and OPEC’s price gouging. By starting to build new refineries again, that too would cut back on importing oil plus would add many new jobs. Focusing on nuclear and solar power facilities also would be a step in the right direction.

Stone notes that we should suspend the use of corn as a source of ethanol because it has caused grocery prices to rise, affecting families as well as the farmers. Other resources like switch grass could be used.

Stone feels Congress has forgotten their constituents and they should immediately eliminate the costly, useless earmarks and start protecting the American people by securing the borders and enforcing our current immigration laws.

John Stone shares our disappointment with the shameful elected officials in Washington and that is why we need to elect Stone who will truly represent the voters.


Liz Bartlett

Richmond Hill

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