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A dangerous road
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Dear Editor:


I would like to add my voice to the lady’s on Clarktown Road about the speeders. We have had numerous mishaps in our yard as well. We had our mailbox taken out so often we got the postmaster’s permission to move it to the other side of the road. Within one week someone jumped the railroad too fast and creamed it. We have had several cars totaled in our front yard (we live 200 ft away from the railroad track). The first young man told the officer he had the cruise control set on 50. We have a 35 mph zone here for over one mile.

Within 15 hours, my husband was out on the driveway vacumning up the glass from the night before.

I heard her tire pop when she hit the track. She came sideways down the road, then began spinning until she ran down into our front ditch and up on the driveway stopping not 6ft from my husband, who could not hear her coming because of the noise of the vacumn. The next one was at 3 am and he did not sto p until he reached Cartertown Rd riding on one rim. He abandoned it there but it took 2 people 4 hours to clean up the tools, shovels, nails, metal strips etc from our drive. Another young man recently popped both tires he was going so fast. When we got outside he was coming by us on two rims. He turned around and went back across the track and fell down between the rails, broke both headlights, opened both air bags and shorted out the rails, which was a good thing, because the 79mph Amtrak was one crossing away. It took two wreckers over an hour to get his car up and out of the track. Dangerous potential there. Then a few weeks later, a car came across the track, lost control, skidded down our ditch, took out 50 feet of our chain link fence, rolled twice and when we got the front door open we had the headlights right into our front door, only feet from our porch.

The county put up stop signs at the track within a couple of days, Out of 107 people, only two stopped the first day. Now everyone goes on thru.

We were told we could not have police presence here. The county raised the road over a foot higher the next week(coming off the track) I have lived here 45 years and I have never ran thru my yard. It is the speed. One day the kids on the golf carts and 4 wheelers that frequent this corner will be in the wrong place at the right time. We have been advised to appeal to the governor which several of us are prepared to do at this time. It will make your heart stand still over and over again. We have resorted to sitting out back and looking at the heighbor’s barn, to stay safe.

Betty Kinard

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