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Letter to the editor: ‘Trumpeters’ reject American values
Letter to the Editor generic


Every time I see a Trump cult-member like Lori Levi at the recent Iowa Trump rally say things like, “I see a civil war coming, I really do”, it brings to mind my first-100-days report on the Trump Administration that ran April 30, 2017 in that other “news” paper. (Out of Savannah, the one that now silences voices.) 

Or at least, the first couple paragraphs: “There is nothing new under the sun.

 There has always existed in this country that certain and specific mind-set that simply cannot grasp, or rejects, our American founding values. Led by Donald Trump, it has simply reared its head in the ugliest way possible. 

During the American Revolution, the anti-liberty crowd insisted, ‘This rebellion of the colonies is sin, the Bible says honor and obey the king’.” “They rise again”, I wrote. 

Not that the Iowa rally was Trump’s post-presidency worst. He and criminal-crony Steve Bannon headlined a Virginia rally (Trump phoned-in) where participants insisted the 2020 election “thwarted God’s will.” And then “pledged allegiance” to an American flag that was used to lead the January 6 “protesters” march to the Capitol building. 

Anyway, the piece is headlined “President is making a mockery of himself, his office, the nation” and is permanently pinned at the top of my Facebook page, for now. 

Considering everything that has taken place, from the January 6, 2021 insurrection to the once honorable GOP promoting the Big Lie and Rep Steve Scalise (R-LA) appearing on Fox News Sunday suggesting to Chris Wallace that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump because “election laws as legislated were not followed in various states”, i.e., the voter suppression efforts didn’t work out so well, the piece seems almost prophetic. 

Or so believes a couple of my Facebook friends.

 Let us be reminded that every state applicable here, including Georgia, counted and re-counted; and went back to investigate and question every mail-in ballot that seemed questionable. 

And I have no idea what to think of Iowa GOP Senator Chuck Grassley, an 88-year-old man running for re-election, taking the stage at said rally with Insurrection Leader Trump and accepting his endorsement, except that the Republican Party has officially sunk into the deepest disrepair.

 Lastly, in light of all that mess, plus Aussie-Brit-aristocrat-turned-American-citizen Rupert Murdoch’s never-ending quest to seemingly take revenge for 1776 in defense of the Old Order’s aristocratic rule, what with his divide-and-conquer Trumpian cheerleading squad Fox “News” tearing America apart, it’s amazing this nation still stands. 

“Under God, indivisible”, indeed. (For the record: we Americans “pledge allegiance” to principles, values, not cloth.)

Bernie Evans, Black Creek

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