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Letter to the editor: It’s Lifeline Awareness Week


Most of us take for granted that we can pick up the phone or hop online, instantly communicating with family and friends. We can connect with almost anyone in the world, pay bills, call for emergency help or even apply for a job.

Imagine if, through circumstances beyond your control, you could not afford a phone or internet services. What if finances caused you to sacrifice these vital amenities, even temporarily?

Unfortunately, too many people in Georgia face this problem. In our state, an estimated 800,000 households qualify for – but are not registered for – a program that could help. Since 1985, “Lifeline” has provided landline or mobile phone assistance, offering discounts from $5.25 to $9.25 per month. For certain providers, this covers the entire monthly cost.

Georgians who qualify for Lifeline also qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program. This program provides up to $30 per month towards home broadband service and up to a $100 one-time benefit toward the purchase of a desktop, laptop or tablet.

As a Georgia Public Service Commissioner and chairman of the Georgia PSC Telecommunications Committee, I’m joining commissioners nationwide to raise awareness of these programs. This week, Sept. 11-15, is “Digital Connectivity and Lifeline Awareness Week.”

For more information on how to sign up for Lifeline and the Emergency Broadband Benefit, visit lifeline-consumers and broadbandbenefit or contact the PSC at 404-656-4501.

Lauren “Bubba” McDonald Jr. Commissioner Georgia Public Service Commission

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