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Letter to the editor: Freeman: ‘God has been my guide'
Letter to the Editor generic

Dear Editor:

Those of you who know me know that my faith is where I get my strength.

When tragedy hits, God has been my guide. After the 2020 election, I became a warrior to fight the increasing corruption and destruction of the country my son, Capt. Matthew Freeman, died to keep free. When COVID hit, I knew it was the next battle.

I was certain that Americans would realize that this pandemic was manufactured to be a political weapon. Our children have been gravely affected by COVID, which has denied them normal school experiences.

In May 2021, it was time to award the Capt. Matthew Freeman scholarship at the high school. God and I wrestled with what I could do to help the children of Bryan County by freeing them from the masks they wore each day. He gave me the words at the honors night program: “Richmond Hill, tear off these masks. You fear government when you should fear only God.” As a retired teacher who taught for 35 years, I knew that our facial expressions were essential to learning.

The next battle God had me pursue is CRT (Critical Race Theory) based on the Marxist ideology, Critical Theory. The government schools appear to be corrupting our history further than they already had, while using the theory’s division tactics to divide us further by race, gender, and anything else to create division. We have to wonder if federal money pours into school systems that are willing to accept this ideology. I have to say when God asked me to pursue masks and then CRT, I knew that my status in this town would be attacked. I had no idea about the inner workings of the school system. As a classroom teacher, I had always just taught what I was instructed to teach believing that we only pursued the highest standards. When asked to introduce “New Math,” I didn’t know that I would have no books for two years and parents would virtually have no way of helping their children with school assignments. I began to question what was happening in our schools then. Mathnasiums and tutoring became the norm.

Our precious children are our greatest gift and our future. To protect the children of our school system, I set out to be their advocate. I asked to speak at the August 2021 school board meeting concerning masks and CRT. Once I had filled out the proper paperwork, the school board chair approached me and said she could answer my questions. I was told masks would not return and we were Richmond Hill and would NEVER have CRT. I asked how to get copies of the curriculum and books used for K-12 in social studies, science, and English.

One of the curriculum directors was sent over to me and promised he would get those to me. Sadly, my request was delayed because the next set of mask mandates and strict quarantine requirement came out.

When I did not hear back from the curriculum director, I contacted him and was given very sketchy information. I was told that Bryan County Schools had not bought books for over seven years and that the teachers went to the state website to pick and choose their materials. The homework policy had also changed. There was no required homework because “it wasn’t fair to children with little support at home.” What I learned was not what I had expected. Parents’ stories were everywhere concerning the confusion over what their children were learning. Most work was done on the “Bill Gates” Chromebooks, which didn’t come home. Then due to COVID, parents no longer are allowed in classrooms, libraries, or lunchrooms. Removing parents from their children’s education makes people wonder what our school system is trying to hide.

I set out to learn the truth.

Is CRT being taught in our schools? At the October 2021 school board meeting, I was put on the agenda to ask about curriculum. I spoke last after hearing parents’ pleas to drop the mask mandate for their children. Our school board sat six feet away from the parents and wore masks.

They stared out at us from expressionless faces. By the time I spoke I was angry. I challenged the masks and the curriculum. After we spoke, the expressionless masked school board members got up in unison and walked out.

The parents had no feedback on anything. Unexpectedly, my words were in the Bryan County News and attendees made videos that went viral.

And then the speaking policy changed for Bryan County School Board meetings. Parents could only speak to what was on the school board’s agenda (approving field trips, grants, purchase of equipment, etc.), and the school board stopped recording meetings, so that parents have no idea what is covered.

The video was seen by members of the Atlanta-based organization “Truth in Education,” and I was invited to attend a FreedomWorks workshop in DC that included the Virginia Loudon County parents. From them I learned about books that are being distributed across the country to school libraries.

When I researched books in OUR school libraries, I saw many that do not follow the values of our community, such as porn. ( “All Boys Aren’t Blue “by George M. Johnson pages 266-267 and “Out of Darkness” by Ashley Hope Perez excerpts found on Facebook “Mary in the Library Indiana”.)

Then I was invited to Glen Beck Studios in Dallas to view the documentary “Mind Polluters.” I was given permission to show this documentary in our county. Our local organization “Truth in Education Speaks” has shown this documentary twice to interested members of Bryan County. I opened the showing of this documentary and our organization’s meetings to the public, so I have not hidden my concerns over the actions of our school board.

Last week, 4-5 people attended our local “Truth in Education Speaks” meeting to collect information to share with the school board and superintendent of schools.

They took printed materials and made copious notes. Days later the superintendent of schools sent out a letter to all teachers discrediting our local organization, which is comprised of parents, concerned citizens, and retired teachers. Teachers, know this directly from the members of the Bryan County “Truth in Education Speaks” organization: We greatly value our teachers! We know that your job is hard. Also, a reference was made in the superintendent’s letter to teachers that a parent who spoke at a school board meeting told the school board members that they would “go to hell.” Well, I have re-watched that video, and what I said to school board members was that one day “you will answer to God for what you are doing.”

One has to wonder why parents aren’t welcome to take an interest in what is occurring in our schools. When I was a classroom teacher, parent volunteers were welcomed and were viewed as an asset as they did valuable work to help in the schools.

I believe that advocating for the children in Bryan County is essential. Hidden agendas cannot be acceptable.

Is Critical Race Theory being taught to our children? Our local organization is digging deeper. We welcome all who are like-minded with our mission: seeking truth in our schools.

Lisa Freeman, Co-Director, Truth in Education Bryan County

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