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Letter to the Editor: ‘Don’t let the door hit your behind’
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I am writing this letter in response to the ridiculous attempt by the Home Builder Association of Greater Savannah, which has been joined by the Savannah Area Board of Realtors, to portray local ordinances recently passed by the Bryan County Commissioners concerning building guidelines and impact fees as somehow making homes unaffordable for potential homeowners.

This is all about money and the fact that this will impact the builders’ bottom line/profit and they are no longer being allowed to do or build whatever they want with no repercussions.

They come down here and build all these houses and add to the stress local residents have to put up with because of increased traffic, school congestion, etc. and we that taxpayers who live here have to foot the bill to clean it up while the builders take their money and go back to wherever they came from.

For the most part I don’t think any or at most very few live here and pay no taxes so it falls on the local residents.

I am also tired of this pull at the heartstrings the Realtor group is using just like the builders’ lawyer did months ago.

They and the Realtors from Savannah don’t care about who can afford their homes, they are just worried about how much money this might cost them in profits and commissions.

I have lived here for 18 years and the last time I looked around, and I am sure I could have missed something, the houses I see being built here in South Bryan are not starter homes but in the $300,000-$500,000 range, so the argument about affordability doesn’t fly .

I also ran the numbers and the impact fee which I believe is around $3,100 per home would add $8.61 a month to a 30 year mortgage so it is certainly not a deal breaker.

If these builders and Realtors (whose organizations are located in Savannah not here in Bryan County ) are not happy with what is going on here and what the County Commissioners are doing to better protect the local citizens from what is built here, make the builders help pay for the infrastructure they are screwing up and be more accountable, then let them go build somewhere else as no one is MAKING you build here.

In fact, don’t let the door hit your behind on the way out and good riddance.

Frederic G. Doyle III

 South Bryan

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