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Letter to the editor: Congress’ fraud is the crime
Letter to the Editor generic


Everyone is up in arms over a black faced picture of 35 years ago of Ralph Northam, but no one mentioned Robert Byrd who was a Democrat from W.V. who served in Congress for 50 years and had been an officer in the Klu Klux Klan while even recruiting for the group. Most people don’t know the political climate then, but how could they, our schools and colleges don’t teach American history.

Our politicians should now be concerned about themselves rather than 35 years ago. The Democrats have become socialists and well recognized in those that are running for the presidency. They are promising all the government programs that Venezuela has, a country that is starving its people, dying from no medical services while turning to animal medicines when sick and now rebelling to return to freedom and the American way of life.

Question these candidates as to how they are going to pay for their socialist program they don’t know or are going to tax the rich. Does this include the rich politicians and there are many?

I can’t believe the Democrats don’t want to keep things as they are though. Many have profited from inside trading as Whitehouse (D) for $600,000 (they sent Martha Stewart to jail for that); they are profiting from their earmarks as Harry Reid (D) did for a $1.1 million land deal; their requests for donations for various disaster reliefs with lists of non-profit organizations to give to does not disclose the included links directing users to the website of Democratic group ActBlue which helps Democrats raise money; they lie as Blumenthal (D) did on his Army record, but lie to Congress and go to jail; Waters tells her supporters to badger anyone who likes Trump as she screams to have him impeached while she has been on lists as the most corrupt member of Congress as her family makes millions with political deals; Schumer, outside hosting Putin and getting Russia’s LUKOIL gas stations to the U.S., he allowed a worker to illegally get Republican Michael Steele’s personal information while creating an economic collapse from a public letter he wrote about “maybe” an insolvent company; the Democrats were for the wall before they were against it, but now are concerned as Cuellar said about the wall’s cost, but if a border wall stopped 160,000 or more it would be sufficient to cover the costs of the wall.(an illegal in the United States creates an average fiscal burden to the taxpayer of approximately $74,722 during their lifetime or $135 billion a year for all illegal immigration); the law abiding taxpayer is paying these costs for these illegals as the Democrats turn their backs on human trafficking,murder, rape, gangs, sanctuary cities and overcrowding schools; the taxpayer is also paying for behind closed doors the indiscreet sex affairs of Congress; and shockingly, Justice Supreme Court Ginsberg doesn’t like the U.S. Constitution which she has been appointed to uphold; the Democrats tried to ruin Judge Kavanaugh’s reputation siding with the women who were found not to have reputable stories (lied) about the judge sexually assaulting them, yet they have not extended an apology to the judge or are the women in jail for lying and now the Democrats have added killing babies to their agenda.

Over the years, Congress has given themselves a choice of five different retirement plans, questionable if they pay taxes, increase their own pay, make laws the taxpayers have to follow, but not them, travel free and enjoy junkets and now we are finding out how bad voter fraud goes on. Sadly, corruption is the name of Washington! Are our elected officials qualified or trustworthy to run our country?

A picture of 35 years ago of Governor Northam pales compared to the fraud that goes on in Washington and that the American people accept and pay for.

Liz Bartlett 

Richmond Hill

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