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Letter to the editor: Yarbrough on target with NY Times criticism
Letter to the Editor generic


I read with interest Dick Yarbrough’s article in your paper “NY Times owes us an apology.” The Times ran an opinion piece by Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton who suggested the military force be called in to deal with the recent riots. Mr. Yarbrough points out that the Times panicked over a different opinion being run on their “opinion” page and allowing this to happen the editorial page editor resigned. Mr. Yarbrough, rightly so, is concerned that if the editorial page does not allow divergent viewpoints in the opinion page what good is the paper when the reader only hears what the newspaper wants you to hear?

Of interest is in 2003 Bob Kohn wrote a book on how the NY Times distorts the news and why it can no longer be trusted. The book was titled Journalistic Fraud. In the book, Mr. Kohn shows “explicitly how the once-vaunted paper now specializes in gross misinformation.” It seems the Times has gone from not being trusted with their printed articles to also having a one-sided view newspaper.

Unfortunately our public education is no longer worth the diploma handed to high school or college students, but our media, too, is bias with their slanted news. Where can people find out what is happening in the US or world?

Elizabeth Bartlett, Richmond Hill

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