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Letter to the editor: Writer thoroughly opposed to 'illegals'
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Those coming in from the borders are illegal.

If illegals bring in their children or give birth while here, the children are illegal.

Parents are supposed to be role models, but illegals are not being role models.

Illegals have broken the law and should be made to come in legally.

Americans should not be financially responsible for illegals.

The illegals cost American taxpayers $13 billion a year.

Average household cost per year to support the illegals is about $1,117.

The national cost is $134,863,455,364, net cost $115 billion for illegals.

Many do not speak or understand English and don’t intend to learn.

The illegals are overcrowding our schools and cost more per student.

Many illegals are 18 or 20 and take eight years in high school to graduate.

Our politicians have made it impossible to question who is illegal.

Politicians need to pass a law that illegals can’t climb a wall and be welcomed.

People who welcome them should realize they are paying for the illegals.

Gangs are forming in school besides arriving in groups from different countries.

Gangs are dangerous and known to murder and torture people.

Teachers are overcome with the number of students.

Some states have added trailers as classrooms to handle overcrowding cost.

The money covering the illegals in schools are preventing raises for teachers.

The illegals are bringing in drugs, diseases and crime.

Illegals are responsible for causing deterioration of property.

The illegals lack of English with no license has caused car accidents and death.

The fi e and police departments and hospitals throughout the USA are overburdened.

We are a country of laws and awarding amnesty is breaking the law.

I’m not responsible for illegals and I’m tired of paying for them. I’m tired of how they have affected our country because many refuse to learn our ways and our language.

You can’t tell me when they come in that they have jobs.

A country is “glued” together with one language and there is a large enough group who already are making it difficult for Americans to pull together.

We don’t need more illegals and I can’t pay more as the Democrats keep letting them in.

Liz Barlett Richmond Hill

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