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Letter to the editor: War is peace, freedom is slavery


War is peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength. Evil hates truth 1984 conclusion. 

Now a Democrat motto and the direction of action being used to protect the deep state bureaucracy and their utopia of DC. Congress has given the swamp so much power over decades that the deep state is now consolidating power around the Democratic Party hoping for total control over the masses and forever changing the concept of constitutional laws designed to protect citizens based on equality for all. Citizens will be poorer and government will be stronger with absolutely no changes whatsoever to big brother’s lifestyle.

Citizens will have power blackouts and rationing of all commodities while govt bureaucracy at all levels will continue to enjoy the fruits of our labor without remorse or regret. The totalitarian regime that has seized control in their utopia of DC do not have any desire to relinquish control out of fear of retribution and rightfully so.

As more and more evidence comes to the forefront and exposes the vast corruption within the realm of government going back decades demands for prosecution will grow stronger.

We have to remain steadfast in our efforts to keep elected officials held accountable and responsible for making sure drastic changes are coming. Politicians know the deep state has been in their closet and will use anything to retain control and keep private citizens from getting in positions of power and enforcing oversight. We need all professional politicians replaced with private citizens that will take their pledge to protect our nation seriously under the umbrella of constitutional laws that have made us the envy of the world. After all we’re not trying to escape yet but everyone wants in, not understanding that our independence and hardwork is the reason for our prosperity not government confiscation. Congress needs to take back control of govt and immediately remove the bureaucratic hierarchy cabal that’s now in place. Then start major downsizing.

Freeze hiring and freeze wages with all positions of authority becoming temporary duty stations. Our sovereign nation is a gift unlike any others based on principles of the Ten Commandments that are great rules even for an agnostic or non-believer.

Ed Edwards, Ellabell

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