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Letter to the editor: To the voters of Precinct 2 in Bryan County
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To the voters in Precinct 2 Bryan County, I wish to extend a heartfelt apology to the many voters in Precinct 2 of Bryan County who had to endure 2-3 hour wait lines to vote in yesterday’s primary election. Originally, I thought the decision to use a mobile unit was a good one because it allowed our voters to vote in essentially the same location despite the loss of the Hendrix Park Gym to the recent tornado.

Yesterday, reality set in and you were forced to wait outside for an unreasonably long time to exercise your right to participate in our democratic process. I now fully realize that our decision to use the mobile unit was not well thought out. The Elections Board must do better than that and I promise we will.

Lastly, I want to tell you how much I admire your willingness to put up with the long wait times. Many of you were tired, coming from work, and had not eaten dinner. I am not certain most people would have done what you did and for that you deserve our compliments.

Tom Hand Chairman, Bryan County Elections Board

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