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Letter to the editor: Time for News to do follow up on ER


It’s been over a month now since I requested a follow-up on the reversal by the State of Georgia to allow Memorial Hospital to build a Emergency Services Facility in Richmond Hill after it had been granted permission based on a Certificate of Need (CON).

This reversal was due entirely to the protest of Memorial’s main competitor, St. Joseph / Candler. That was three years ago. Attempts to find information of the status of the litigation through the Department of Community Health who controls the granting of health care permits have been in vain. The same is true with the Bryan County Commissioner’s who are clueless of the exact status specifics. Their remark to me, “It’s in litigation, nothing we can do about it”. 

Attempts to gain information through the Ga. Freedom of Information Act have only recently yielded results. A conversation with a local care provider resulted in the following response: “Don’t you know that St. Joseph owns Richmond Hill.” Being a heart attack survivor I feel that an hour drive to the nearest ER room will be my last trip anywhere.

 Please write a follow-up to your previous stories and hopefully people will generate a ground swell of support for those who may need immediate emergency care in the future. 


 Michael Kiss, Richmond Hill

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