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Letter to the editor: Sen. Scott wrong on reforms
Letter to the Editor generic


In his “rebuttal” to President Biden’s first congressional address Republican Senator Tim Scott insisted that “the new voter laws make it harder to cheat not harder to vote.” This might fly if, number one: these laws weren’t passed after a Democratic blow-out when Democrats sent Donald Trump packing and won both Georgia senate seats, and number two: the REPUBLICAN state officials from Georgia to Arizona and all-points in-between hadn’t assured us there was no voter fraud to consider.

Clearly, these bogus laws are about suppressing Democratic voters.

If everybody votes Republicans can’t win. They know.

Award-winning investigative journal Mother Jones magazine recently reported on leaked video from the conservative group The Heritage Foundation. It seems “director” Jessica Anderson was bragging at a fund-raising confab about “drafting the new voter bills across the country from Michigan to Georgia, Florida, Iowa and Arizona, we’ve been very busy spending your money wisely.”

“Governor Kemp needs to sign that bill now, he looks weak waiting!”, says the impatient young lady.

The Heritage Foundation also lists “investing 24 million dollars to tackle these state reforms and block federal legislation.”

Hmmm. The gist of my writing, my main theory, my thesis for many years, has been that capital-C Conservatism is the opposition to our constitutional system. They never sleep, they never tire.

And “they” spend, spend, spend!

Of course, Conservatives will tell you that their goals are about smaller government and lower taxes, less regulation. OK.

The problem is how they get there. Lies, cheating, deceit (because they know most Americans disagree).

No wonder Trump still owns them. Leaders after his own heart.

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria produced a Sunday night special that ran May 16, this past Sunday, it was titled “A Radical Rebellion.” It tells the long, short story of how a once-grand party, the GOP, went from being proud abolitionists ending American chattel-slavery, with a liberal wing and a conservative (small c) wing, like the Democrats, to one that turned a blind eye to a violent Capitol Hill insurrection.

Even one of our own, a writer in this very newspaper, tried to justify the nonsense, “It (the Capitol Hill invasion) just goes to show you people can only be pushed so far.”

Yep, “pushed so far” by that horrible thing: American democracy.

We win some, we lose some.

But I digress.

Senator Tim Scott is wrong. These “reforms” add “steps” to voting, adding steps makes the staircase harder to climb.

Bernie Evans, Black Creek

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