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Letter to the editor: Reports of Chinese police in U.S. raise questions


It has been reported several times now that China has gotten permission from our government to station a “police” force in the USA.

Aside from the obvious questions of why this is necessary since they can request their communist citizens return on demand, it raises a national security issue. Under communism all citizens are government property and part of the military complex if required by oligarchs, and there will be no dissension or else.

All nations presently use embassies for neutral zones. The Chinese have already been allowed by our northern neighbors to carry out military maneuvers in Canada, apparently aided by Canadian troops. This was nothing more than a ruse to map and strategize effective entry for swift action against us.

No matter your political leanings if you believe government has your best interest at heart their goal is a one world order, not continuing the process that has exemplified our independence and desire for success.

China is our enemy period! China has an infrastructure operation called “belt and road “ that is nothing more than a ploy to establish military expansion projects to spread communism from within developing countries with an ultimate goal of expanding into Europe and America. China has already established a foothold in Latin America that is spreading north with the biggest threat being Cuba and approval by Mexico to allow oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. Our elected officials appear to be avoiding confronting or monitoring the regional behavior of our enemies that could lead to serious consequences.

A one world order under communist rule is the objective and there’s a lot of very liberal democrat socialists in the USA that have no problem with that outcome whatsoever.

Ed Edwards, Ellabell

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