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Letter to the editor: Reader wants to choose TV channels a la carte

Dear Editor:

I’m a customer of the PACTV Service and I’m wanting to be able to choose what I watch without a percentage going to off the wall networks such as MSNBC , CNN or any other network provider that are nothing more than propaganda outlets for liberal Democrats.

This is totally disgusting what major corporations are getting away with.

They are not aligned with the principles of our constitution and do everything they can to defend corruption to protect their ambitions of a one world order.

They are all lemmings and want big government to provide for all their needs. I don’t want and don’t need to hear from government propaganda machines such as CNN or other media that preaches falsehoods and dictatorships.

I’m not asking them to cut costs--I’m asking them to give me a choice. I don’t need all these channels broadcasting misinformation to the masses that are poorly informed to start with. Let me pick and choose who gets my money.

Ed Edwards, Ellabell, Georgia.

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