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Letter to the Editor: Reader shares his concerns about elections

Dear Editor:

Newly released court transcripts tell us: Cyber Security Expert, J. Alex Halderman testified on Friday, January 19, 2024 “There are no limits to what a hacker can do to the ballots after a voter has used the machine.

Hacking the machine is incredibly easy.”

He used a Bic pen to hold the safe button for safe mode.

“Once in safe mode, anyone using the machine can copy or delete files, open them up on screen can edit or remove files. or remove or install software or malware.”

(Full Court transcripts are available at 

Halderman then discussed an application called The Terminal Emulator as particularly powerful.

The Terminal Emulator allows one to run a command called SU or Superuser.

This is used to bypass the operating system security controls.

A computer will usually challenge you with a secret password, but by using only a Bic Pen Halderman was able to gain access using a simple prompt.

The court attorney asked him, “Are there any limits to what you can do to a ballot using this access?”

Halderman said, “There are no limits to what can be done to the ballot data on the machine.”

“Are there any limits to what you can do the elections software on the Ballot Marking Device?”

Halderman responded, “No!”

This critical vulnerability was first discovered by the EAC - The U.S. Elections Assistance Commission way back in January 2020. (This was the first month Georgia deployed the Dominion BMD’s....11 months before the 2020 elections.)

It wasn’t remedied then.. And still hasn’t been to this day 4 years later!

16 states use the Dominion machines, and the Federal Cyber Security & Infrastructure Security Agency has issued an advisory warning stating that Dominion will be a security concern in the upcoming election.

Yet the mainstream corporate news is not reporting on this issue. Perhaps this is why according to a recent Rasmussen poll, 61 % of Georgians do not trust our election system. It’s time to go back to hand marked, hand counted paper ballots-the gold standard of democratic elections.

Tom Seaman, Richmond Hill, Georgia

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