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Letter to the editor: Memorial Day brings memories of service


I want to thank you for your story reflecting on Memorial Day and comments on the interactions between bonding of soldiers in combat or teamwork as they say.

There’s something that takes place in that situation that goes beyond friendship and more like a brotherhood.

And you remember it forever. Been there done that.

I finished my military service in 1970 as a drill sergeant at Fort Jackson, S.C., on Tank Hill.

One of the things I tried to reinforce to draftees and volunteers was that they would be exposed to cruelty beyond their imagination and it was important to look left and look right, because that man next to you is probably going to save your life or you save his, and no matter what your skin color we all bleed red and need each other.

The camaraderie is something that exists only in that time.

I remember all the lost souls in family and friends on Memorial Day weekend as I do often during the year now, especially in my old age.

As always thanks for your time.

Ed Edwards, Ellabell

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