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Letter to the editor: Invasion of border is devastating


The invasion on our southern borders is very devastating to say the least. At present it stands at about 10 million and that’s just the ones the Border Patrol knows about. The number is quite higher.

The ankle bracelets cost approximately $200 taxpayer dollars per unit and $40 taxpayer dollars per month to monitor each unit or person wearing it. By the way, if the unit’s are removed and discarded the cost remains. Do the math and figure how ridiculous this political charade is getting. $2 billion taxpayer dollars upfront and then $400 million every month to monitor illegal alien’s activities.

This doesn’t even include the total cost to taxpayers for feeding, clothing, housing, medical care and never forget the cost of Border Patrol salaries and infrastructure. It goes on and on and never ends because most of these illegal aliens will be living off taxpayers for perpetuity.

Their offspring will undoubtedly follow. We’re a nation of laws for a reason. Society requires discipline in order to survive and with the present regime there is only chosen law and order used to advance its agenda. Chaos is rampant in large cities across the nation and spreading into rural communities and we desperately need some mature adults in the room to set higher expectations and show us they mean business.

They should start by returning every single one of the illegal aliens back to Mexico or to their own countries for starters, and then start major downsizing of our government itself to return control to congress and away from the bureaucracy which is not even trying to hide the fact that they’re in power and abusing it.

Ed Edwards, Ellabell

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