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Letter to the editor: Infrastructure bill will run us out of gas
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The talking heads keep saying the infrastructure bill, separate from the massive Green New Deal bill, and still one trillion dollars, is acceptable to both the Republicans and the Democrats. Not so! Any Republican voting for that bill is a very weak Republican.

The befuddled old man that the Democratic Party heartlessly put up for President stands in front of some construction site lauding restoration/modernize of our infrastructure using the massive so called “Infrastructure” bill..

What he declines to reveal is that only about 9% of the Trillion dollar bill is earmarked for construction, which would be about nine billion. The rest is for social welfare programs like “Human infrastructure?

The current bills in the halls of congress are an absurdity. 4 trillion, 3 trillion, 2 trillion, whatever. Of course, as Joe whispers, “It’s paid for!” By who? By who else? Us. President Joe sez he is going to get the money from the rich and powerful. It is a fact that if all the billionaires gave, not just some, but all of their money to the cause it would not be enough.

When you borrow money over an extended of time you pay interest. That number is not included In the calculations the government gives us. Albert Einstein was once asked to describe the most powerful force on the face of the earth. One would assume that he would ramble on about nuclear energy or something on that order. He said “Compounded interest”. We borrow money and pay compounded interest to the Chinese. That figure is currently about eighty billion a day! We have turned the most powerful force on the face of the earth on ourselves! That rule holds true individually and collectively.

The insanity coming out of Washington today is unsurpassed. Hire 80,000 new IRS agents and start chasing people if their banking transactions exceed $10,000. Do you make $5.50 an hour? You will be a target for the new and improved IRS.

Taxing the rich for what they might earn before they ever earn it! An absurd and un-constitutional idea. The rich simply pick up assets and move. Make those “Rich” guys pay. Well I personally have never been written a check by a poor guy. Thanks solely to Joe Biden and the Democrats, by the time Christmas is over, the price of a gallon of gas will cost about $4.Gas was about $1.87 a gallon the day the tough guy from Scranton took office. The policy of the present administration was and is to shut down wells, stop pipeline construction. Eliminate future prospective sites for drilling. Cause the loss of jobs of thousands and many more thousands indirectly financially affected.

The average distance driven by Americans is 13,500 miles a year. Two cars? $27,000 miles. Averaging 18 miles to the gallon burns 1500 gallons. At an additional charge of $2.22 a gallon from the $1.87 level, you will pay an additional $3,330 dollars to drive your cars next year.

Roy Hubbard, Richmond Hill

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