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Letter to the editor: If it had been President Obama
Letter to the Editor generic


Say it ain’t so! What in the world has happened to the usually-dependable Syndicated Columnist Dick Yarbrough?

Yes, he’s always been more to the conservative side of things, but so what? I’m more to the liberal side of things. Isn’t it that meeting-of-minds in the middle, that sweet nougat center, where we most find the best of American thought?

Having said that, in his Oct. 3 column, “Had it up to here with politicians,” Mr. Yarbrough writes, “…the impeachment controversy involving Donald Trump is partisan political posturing.” Do what?

He may try to clean it up with a stab at bipartisan condemnation, “…posturing by Democrats and Republicans,” but uh uh: Mr. Yarbrough should re-think this one. Maybe he’s spent too much time “in and around D.C.” and has forgotten why the law matters. Swamp smells do that.

Does anybody really think it’s A-OK for a sitting president to hold up US military assistance to extort the newly elected president of Ukraine to dig up dirt on a political rival? Especially assistance that helps to achieve our own national security goals (keeping Putin in check). We do, after all, have the transcript of words as presented by the president himself.

Our Federal Elections Commission chief Ellen Weintraub is clear: opposition research is a “thing of value” and, hence, the president’s request of such from “a foreign leader” breaks campaign finance law.

But again, besides that, our own national security objectives are at stake here.

And if Mr. Trump was really “looking for help with corruption”, as some allies suggest, why did he wait until the 2020 re-election season to get the shovels going? As reported by the Washington Post, “multiple White House aides” have been “genuinely horrified” by Trump’s phone calls with foreign leaders.

Putting the transcripts on “lockdown” in top secret special intelligence servers, when in fact they contain zero sensitive info, beyond the political implications, tells us all we need to know.

Lastly, what are we to think about this business of Attorney General William Barr globe-trotting looking for help from foreign governments to… wait for it… discredit our own intelligence agencies? Oh, hell no!

What are these people drinking?

Kool-Aid served on the upper-deck courtesy of shadow Sec’y of State Rudy Guiliani? Make that:toxins laced with Kool-Aid, served on the lower rungs of Hades.

Imagine for one minute that all of this was happening with Eric Holder’s name attached (Obama’s Attorney General) and/or former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Get my drift?

Let’s put aside partisan politics and do the right thing on this one. The madness must stop somewhere.

Bernie Evans, Black Creek

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