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Letter to editor: Election manipulation by voting machines?
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After a year and a half of rumors that Dominion Voting Machines were used to steal the 2020 election, there is now hard evidence coming out of Mesa County, Colorado.

Special thanks goes to Tina Peters, the Mesa County Clerk, who made copies of the Dominion hard drives immediately after the 2020 election. Ms. Peters then sent this information to Dr. Walter Dougherity, the Senior Professor of Computer Science @ Texas A & M University, an expert in the field with over 26 published research articles.

7 Problems with Dominion Voting Machines: In the Dominion Main Election Server, scanned votes are collected into batches of usually 100. The machine takes a picture and these scanned pictures are put into a Tabulation data base.

Votes are then added to the main data base for each Candidate.

1. It was discovered that there was not one, but 2 tabulation data bases and they were not identical. It was discovered that there was not one, but 2 adjudication data bases. and they were not identical.

2. The Analysis of the Dominion Voting Machine hard drives, showed that after 25% of the votes had been scanned, tabulated & counted. Suddenly a 2nd tabulation data base was created by the machine, and some, but not all ballots were copied into this new data base. (This 2nd tabulation data base was a “selective copy” where some ballots were copied over and some ballots were not thus causing a serious “Chain of Custody issue”.)

3. Following the election, the “Trusted Build” by the Dominion Technician deleted all the logs. This is unlawful. As all voting records are to be retained for 24 months after each election.

4. Out of a Total of 91,000 votes cast in Mesa County, Colorado in November, 2020.

Only 20,000 votes were copied over to new Tabulation data base. 5000 votes were left behind in the original tabulation data base.

5. At the completion of the fall 2020 Election, there were not 91,000 ballots in the data bases. 25,000 votes had been changed or lost and could not be validated. The chain of custody of the ballots was not only “broken” it was “shattered.” There is no way to tell what the original votes were.

6. There is clear evidence of a Software Algorithm at work determining which votes were to be counted and which votes were not to be counted. There is no logical reason to do this... except for ”nefarious purposes.”

7. Conclusion: There was definitely election manipulation by Dominion Voting Machines in Colorado. Dominion voting machines did not follow the Election Laws in the state of Colorado.

Since Dominion Voting Machines cannot be trusted, and were used to corrupt the election process in Colorado, they should not be used in Georgia for our elections.

* For the full 88 page report, go to

* For the 1 hour video summary of this investigation, go to 

Tom Seaman, Richmond Hill

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