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Let’s give thanks
pastor corner

Are you enjoying it yet? I’m talking about Christmas decorations and music. You’ve heard it and seen it, right?

You need to know something about me. There is not a 59-year-old man in the world who enjoys Christmas more than I do.

I will help put up the tree, hang wreaths and put up my manger scene in the front yard. My knee has even recovered enough from surgery two years ago that I may just brave the ladder to hang extra lights.

And on Friday, Nov. 23, my radio station will be set to Christmas music for the next five weeks.

But - and this is big - I plan to wait until the day after Thanksgiving. As much as I love Christmas, Thanksgiving remains my favorite holiday.

First of all, there is the food. I do love me some fried turkey, and my wife makes a mean pan of dressing. And then there are the desserts. There is derby pie, which is a combination of pecan and chocolate in the same pie. Just wow.

And then there is cherry cream cheese pie. That’s my mom’s recipe, and my niece and I have argued and fought over the last piece of that more than once. I mean, I know how to share, but there has to be a line somewhere.

Clearly my appetite can cloud my judgment. But the thing about the fourth Thursday in Thanksgiving that sets it apart is that we all take the time to give thanks to the one who made us and sustains us.

God has been so good to us all. He is worthy of our praise, of our service and of our gratitude.

This year, Thanksgiving is the earliest that it can possibly be. That means you will have plenty of time to procrastinate your Christmas shopping. But don’t jump the gun.

Remember to give thanks. He deserves it.

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