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Let your light shine on others
pastor corner

We all form an opinion of a person when we first meet them. Afterwards, we could say, “That person was rude,” or, “That person is so nice,” or, “That person seems to be a jerk”, or, “That person is a person I think I could trust.”

It is true that we could be wrong, but more times than not, people are what they seem to be.

What really matters is what others think about our faith. If you are a believer in Jesus, then it is important that others can see it in your life.

They ought to be able to tell that there is a difference in your life when they first meet you. There are some people that you will only have interaction with once in your life and you only have that one time to make an impression.

We find an example in scripture where some early disciples of Jesus named Peter and John made such an impression that this is what was said about them: “They took note that these men had been with Jesus.”

There were things about them that connected them with Jesus Christ.

In the crazy world in which we are living, it is easy to get swept up into social media and say things or post things that can destroy our witness. It is easy to say things face to face that can give the impression that we are not Christ followers.

Others who don’t know us or who have never met us will form an opinion about us, and hopefully it will be a positive one.

This doesn’t mean we will never stand up for the truth and what is right and that everyone is supposed to agree with us. But it does mean that even though there is disagreement, we can still be respected.

We can still let our light shine, and that first impression others have of us will glorify God and lead others to him.

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