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Information came from city records
Letter to editor
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Dear editor: In response to Jimmy Hires’ letter to the editor, putting forth information readily available to the public is not dirty politics. 
The documents setting forth the information in my letter came from the city of Richmond Hill pursuant to a Georgia Open Records Request and speak for themselves. In fact, I was required to pay the city for copies of the documents.
Hires and Hodges are the last two people who should point a finger at anyone accusing them of anything underhanded. While it appears that they skirt legality and push the envelope when it comes to ethics, it is obvious that their wasteful spending is beginning to catch up to them.
If Hires is so concerned about preserving wetlands, he should pay more attention to the destruction and contamination caused by the city’s own wastewater treatment plant.
His statement “Be careful where you get your information and make sure it is the truth” is senseless, as I got it from the city he purportedly represents.  

Sheila M. Galbreath
Richmond Hill

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