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House takes action ahead of Crossover Day
Rep. Ron Stephen's weekly report
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We’re more than halfway through the legislative session with Crossover Day – the last day that legislation must pass the House in order to be considered in the Senate – just four legislative days away. Our committees have been diligent in assessing numerous bills and several passed the House that could affect our community. If you would like to read any bill in its entirety, the website is

I co-sponsored HB 134, a bill that would allow local governments the flexibility to fund transportation projects through a T-SPLOST vote. I believe that the traffic problem in Coastal Georgia, especially along I-16/I-95 corridor, is a detriment to commerce and tourism, and deters from the quality of life for the people in our district. This bill would put local transportation funding decision-making in the hands of the citizens it most affects, and allow local officials to develop a transportation network that will attract business growth while sustaining the needs of our community. The bill passed 106 to 58 and will head to the Senate for deliberation.

House Bill 199 passed the House which would give a tax credit to interactive entertainment companies. This industry provides unique games and products for corporate and private events and has gained popularity nationwide. Legislation that attracts new business to our state is good for our economy and will always have my support. 

A bill passed overwhelmingly that would amend a current Georgia law. HB 247 adds the maintenance and repair of transit concrete mixer trucks to a sales tax exemption for other equipment used in manufacturing. I believe this is a bill that is good for industry and was pleased to support this legislation.

HB 243 passed the House and would prevent local governments from adopting regulations that would require an employer to pay an employee for work they did not do because of last minute schedule changes. I believe that this bill makes good business sense. In addition, it would take a financial burden off of the small business owner who would have difficulty paying an absent employer and an available employer for the same day’s work.

In a unanimous vote, HB 40 passed and would require veterinarians to disclose rabies vaccination information for any animal in the veterinarian’s care within 24 hours of receiving a written request from a person bitten by the animal. Georgians love their pets but I think that this is a fair bill that protects people from a potentially life-threatening situation.

As the session continues, please know that I value your input as I strive to represent you to the best of my ability. You can contact me with your questions or concerns at 404-656-5115 or Thank you for placing your trust in me!

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