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Hoping for open door with new city manager
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A new name will soon be showing up in government affairs in Richmond Hill City Hall — in fact, it kind of already is. Chris Lovell was named as Richmond Hill’s new city manager last week when the council made its final choice from what started out as almost 30 candidates for the job.

Lovell officially takes the reins May 21. And though his name will be new to the city’s payroll, it will not be new to the ears of many residents. Lovell is a lifelong resident of Richmond Hill, an aspect of the new manager that will hopefully ensure a friendly smile for those calling on his service.

But being a good city manager requires more than just a friendly smile — it requires a positive attitude and willingness to listen and lend a helping hand if one is needed. We at the Bryan County News believe a city hall should be a warm and inviting place, one where residents feel they can go or call with their concerns about their neighborhood or utility bill and come away with confidence that the issue will be addressed to the best of City Hall’s ability.

And it appears that Lovell holds a similar belief of his new position. He told the City Council last week before it made its decision that all city employees should have a “supportive attitude” because they serve the public by serving elected officials. Additionally, Lovell told reporter Crissie Elrick he will have an “open-door policy.”

“Anyone can ask me questions at any time. I really just want to be an open, transparent-type city manager,” he said.

We — and likely most residents — just want the same thing. So while hoping we won’t have to hold him to his word, the News would like to wish Lovell the best of luck in his new position. May your council meetings go quickly and your place in the hot seat have AC.

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