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Herman Cain is excellent candidate
Letter to editor
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Editor, The American Dream is an ideal instilled in children across this great nation as they make their way through school. We have always been taught that hard work, persistence and sacrifice are the keys to success and that, in America, the sky is the limit in regards to achieving that success.
Today, though, our American dream is in jeopardy. We live in a society of over regulation, over taxation and governmental favoritism in the business world. In 2012, we need a president in the White House who will lead the charge against these things and who will say “enough is enough!”
I believe Georgia’s own Herman Cain is just the right man for the job. After much research on Mr. Cain, I was very impressed to learn that he has decades of experience in the private sector, transforming failing corporations into thriving businesses. He has seen firsthand the damaging effect too much governmental intrusion can have.
He is in favor of less legislation and regulation and lower taxes. He knows that job creation and economic growth happen in the private sector and that the government should be supporting businesses, not stifling their potential.
Despite Mr. Cain’s impressive resume, the mainstream media don’t seem to want to give him any attention, even though he’s already won multiple straw polls in several states.
We need a leader in Washington to stand up for the American dream and to ensure that the liberties and freedoms we enjoy today will exist for generations to come. I stand for the American dream, and if Herman Cain is as impressive as he sounds, then I definitely stand with him. There are so many great reasons to support this candidate. I encourage you to learn more at

— Julie Waddle

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