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He is a God of faithfulness
pastor corner

There are some words stated in 1 Corinthians 10:12 that are at the beginning of a message about how God can and will deliver us during temptation. These words are simply “God is faithful.”

The truth of the matter is that our God is not only faithful to deliver us from temptation but in every way.

This is part of who He is which means that we can depend on this faithfulness each and every day. James reminds us of this fact when he states that God “does not change like shifting shadows.”

These last few months have been testing times for each one of us. I will admit that there were days of which doubt came knocking at the door, testing my faith to whether or not God would continue to be faithful. Some days my emotions would tell me that somehow God had abandoned me but my faith was reminding me of who God is and about His past record of faithfulness.

Recently I have seen God begin to move in unusual ways. I have seen so many prayers answered and sense a new excitement in the air.

My faith is growing stronger each and every day.

I won’t worry about what may come tomorrow but I do trust that whatever comes my God will never change; He will always be a God of faithfulness.

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